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inner symphony

Don’t allow life’s adversity to spiral into greater and greater circles of suffering. Instead infuse Love into every situation and ask your higher guidance for harmony. Listen to the guidance and feel the flow that is surrounding us. It is like hearing music that rhythmically flows around and through us. Move into the flow and watch as adversity is washed away with loving harmony.

The more we connect with our resonant harmony the more we are in touch with our True Being. This, after all, is our natural state of being, not some supernatural accomplishment. Deep within us we feel the connection to oneness, we only have to allow that love to be present. Acknowledge the love; bring it into all aspects of life like work, play, study, and reflection. Soon we see harmony and abundance are growing in both inner and outer worlds.

Door after DoorSometimes we find ourselves feeling unfulfilled. During those times look again to your connection with your True Being. Within your Being is the link to the greater consciousness of oneness and a way to identify that missing something. It is very much like opening one door after another, each time remembering a little more of our purpose and solutions. Always be patient and allow the resonance of your Being to guide, direct and heal.

Once we begin to live in balance with our True Being we each create our own realities and manifest in our lives what is needed to be whole and complete. The inner life is the true reality…yet, our inner guidance provides for making life in this world more precious and productive. Don’t retreat from activity in the world; embrace the ongoing effort of making this moment and our future the best it can be filled with love and harmony. Be the center of your “Being,” radiating your good works outward into the world.

David Bennett

radiating your good works outward

Be the center of your “Being,” radiating your good works outward into the world.

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Breath of Change

When the physical world seams so out of balance, Stop and take a breath. In this culture that we have co-created there is always one thing after another pulling us away from our spiritual centers. Take a moment to understand they are just things or passion filled events connected to our physical consciousness. Now use this moment to feel your Presence, your spiritual consciousness.

When we live with our awakened spiritual consciousness we create a local sphere of balanced influence. We are creating a balance between the physical and the spiritual. This is a local field of resonance that is changing our physical world toward a more balanced, verdant and just place.

 In order for us to maintain and nurture this balance, we need an understanding of our spiritual consciousness, that way we may recognize it within us. Love and compassion are the core of our being and it feels strong and soft all at the same time. It is faithful to us, never criticizing or disparaging. It seeks equality with all elements of our physical and spiritual universe.

So knowing and understanding this, should not we begin to emulate and model ourselves, our thoughts and intentions to be in alignment with our spiritual consciousness? That is the way we nurture and maintain the balance.

As more of us develop our spheres they expand and interconnect to one another. With more people expanding their balance the easier it becomes to be Present always. We begin to help each other through this topsy turvy world, transcending and giving true meaning to our lives. After all, each sphere is our contribution to co-creation.

So when the physical world seams so out of balance, STOP and breath your balance into it.

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Follow Your Path

Follow Your Path

We are not alone on this earth/Gaia. We wander our paths feeling alone, separate from everyone and everything. At times on my life’s journey I have witnessed the interconnectedness we all have to the loving Divine Self / Source.  It’s our minds and physical nature that keeps pulling us toward separateness and when we buy into it, it feeds the ego until it becomes unbalanced. Then we find ourselves teetering on the need and desire for more-and-more with disregard for our fellow beings and the earth we walk upon. I’m not saying our mind is the enemy. I feel we are missing a greater part of being human and connected to the Oneness.

When we feel separate and we begin to “THINK” of ourselves as me, we also then “THINK” of people not like us as “them” or “others.”  There are no others!!!  Oh, how I would like to shout that from the rooftops. We only have to look at our world today to see how well the belief in being separate is going. Separateness keeps us from completely living our lives and detaches the union of our True Be-ing’s perspective.

Once we touch the Oneness then we understand that we all come from the Divine Source, that everything comes from the “One.” The source is within each of us and thus we are all connected to each other and everything. No thinking necessary, Once we surrender our thoughts we can then feel and know the deeper unified consciousness.

The seed of the tree doesn’t think to sprout and grow roots into the earth and branch upward toward the sky. When we are conceived in the womb we don’t think about growing a body with legs and arms, or when to start our heart beating. That is all divine nature and our true being working with the Source to deliver our consciousness into this physical world.

Kinship As humans we crawled out of the caves and away from the tribes to develop societies beliefs and civilizations. We used our minds all the while as we moved forward and at the same time distancing us from our interconnected Divine Self.
Now that we are here, we need to practice loving mindful attention focused on our connection to our true being in-order-to overcome this separateness and recognize our kinship with the world we live upon. Only then will we live a life with satisfaction and contentment, casting away unnecessary desires for more-and-more. Through our kinship with all, we can make an even better world.

Blessings, David

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