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Once upon a time. I want to start by saying that because when this happened it was before my near death experience. Now that I look at it with the help of Spirit, I see it much differently. Now I understand this story as a much more rewarding experience.

Once upon time, when I was the chief engineer of a research vessel, we were working with a small tethered submarine off the New England Coast. As we arrived at the work site we noticed that the Humpback Whales were migrating along the coast. One whale in particular became well known to us, we nicknamed her Scar. She had come to close to too many sightseeing boats, so close that the boats had run her over and her body was covered with scars. We figured that Scar was either very friendly or stupid, and she was a nuisance to shipping.

We were working on the ocean floor with our remote operated submarine (ROV). Part of the job required us to launch the submarine everyday so we could survey the ocean floor. To launch the ROV we lowered the submarine and its cage into the water. After the cage was submerged the small submarine would undock from the cage. Then remote operators would fly/swim the submarine to the sea floor. My job as chief engineer was to insure the submarine was in proper working order. After the submarine was in the water I would normally attend to other ships duties. But Scar made this job different.

When the submarine would start to work its way down, Scar would swim under the submarine and began bringing the ROV back to the surface. This of course drove the operators crazy. There was no way they could keep Scar from doing this, wasting valuable time and money. Scar thought the small sub was a baby and she was trying to bring it to the surface so that the baby could breathe. She didn’t want the ROV to swim so deep, so she was trying to help it. The scientists and the operators couldn’t think of any way to stop Scar. Then someone thought maybe a diver could distract Scar long enough to get the sub on the bottom. Once the sub was on the bottom Scar would leave it alone.

I was the lucky one chosen to go out and distract Scar. Before we would launch the submarine each day, I would get into our zodiac (a small rubber boat) and play around to attract Scar. When Scar would come, she would roll on her side so she could look at me with her huge eye. When scar looked at me that way, I felt as if she were looking into my soul. It was a strange yet wonderful feeling. Then I would get out of the boat and swim with scar until the ROV was on the bottom and the ship would signal me. We all thought, there must be something wrong with Scar. But no one wished her any harm. After a few days she no longer came by to visit. The call of migration and her natural rhythms probably pulled her away. But we all remembered and joked about her.


Many years later, after my near death experience, I was hiking one day when Spirit reminded me of Scar. Spirit helped me see how this experience in my life was meant to demonstrate unconditional love and the beauty of nature. Scar was not crazy and there was nothing wrong with her. I remember her eye looking at me. As I recall this now, I can feel her unconditional love. The strength of love overcame her fear of us. One of Scar’s roles in life was to show everyone how beautiful a Humpback Whale is. She would roll on her side and take a look at us. She was willing to undergo the pain of being run over just so she could look at us and communicate love to us. She would show us what beauty and love is. I wish now that I understood this when it was happening so I could have helped my shipmates understand that scar wasn’t crazy.

Unconditional love is larger than we are. We have trouble understanding it. When we love someone we expect him or her to respond in a certain way. (That’s putting a condition on love) Unconditional love is endless and unifies everyone and everything in this universe. (Kind of large isn’t it) It’s hard for us to constantly think this way as humans, so for us to conditionally use love is easier. To keep it simple would be to love unconditionally. We keep adding a step to our love and making it complicated. Maybe that is why so many think of love as troublesome. If we expected nothing in return for our love, that would be a truer love.

Everything we do in life is to either give love or receive love. Whether it is in our work or play we are always trying to give love or receive love. Every action that every human has is trying to do one or the other, because we all want to be loved. The societies that mankind has built were built on human emotions. As messed up as they might seem, they give us all the ability to live the life we chose to live. Every act we perform is a call for love or to give love. Even the emotions that we think are negative are ends to a means for love. Greed, hatred and hostility are acts with emotion. We do this to make ourselves into what we think will make us be loved or give love. Your gardening or the intense effort you put into work are all making you be the person that will receive love or be able to give love. Because love is everything and everything is love. So when we can love unconditionally we will be a different person and will have made a giant step for humanity.


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