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Fear of death is like the way we fear our first day in a new class. We have some anxiety, apprehension and fear of the unknown. But those of us that have died and returned have had our introduction to the class and the other students. We found that we really liked the subject and the other souls we found there. We know there is going to be some intense study ahead. But we are looking forward to it. So in the meantime we are doing our pre-course requirement. In this life I plan on gaining as many experiences so I can bring them back to the class for examination when the time is right.dv1644057

No longer having the fear of death gives an incredible freedom. Freedom to live life unbridled and to it’s fullest. Filled with joy and gratitude with each encounter or experience. It also gives a sense of calm and ability to relaxe, no longer needing to get caught up in the rat race.

Not that I do not participate in life. On the contrary, I want more than ever to live a full life.  Carrying on through hardships and good times overcoming and taking it all in. I try to keep as positive as I humanly can through all times. When I can accomplish this there comes a sense of completion.

That is usually when something synchronistic will occur and signal the end of one course or the beginning of a new path/direction to move toward. If I have Learned anything from my experiences it is to FOLLOW THOSE SYNCHRONISTIC EVENTS in life. There is always more to it and even though I can’t see the bigger picture when it is happening I know it will reveal itself at the right time and place.

Some times it seems too good to be true. That we can connect to the greater universal consciousness but when it does happen I can physically feel my heart opening and filling my being with that warm love and acceptance. I sometimes feel like it is lager than me and projecting beyond my physical self. It is when I am in that place that I can see my light and sometimes the light of others. Also at time like this is when spirit speaks soft loving encouragement to keep moving forward and giving me the strength to take on what is next in this wonderful journey.


Please watch my video using the song “How could anyone” the words are so moving and inspiring I had to make a quick video that i could use at presentations. Every time I use it, it brings people to tears knowing how perfect and whole we already are. Enjoy

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

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Dying is hard but returning to life is even more difficult and challenging.

What the heck am I talking about? I died in a boating accident and drowned in 1983. You can read about my Near-Death Experience (NDE) on my website, but what I want to share here is some of the life altering aftereffects an NDE can bring about in an experiencer’s life. Just think about it one minute and you can understand the conflict of living a life that is confining and limited in our physical form. When in the light we have an unlimited ability to connect to the universal all. It is an incredibly loving experience that is humbling beyond words. But back to life and living in this world after such an experience.

First I’d like to look at judgment. In my NDE there was an all all-encompassing life review that was shared with my soul group of light beings. The review looked at every detail of my life, good and bad. So you can imagine I did not want to share my most unsavory moments in life with this group of beings. I was judging myself, but the most marvelous thing was, my family of light beings were not. They were emanating a pure love that was unconditional so there was no judgment attached. In the Light you also see the interconnection between all living and non living things in our universe. In addition to that every time we have an interaction with someone or something there is an energetic exchange. In physical life we can barely notice this exchange unless we train our selves to be more sensitive. Well, I can say that every time I used judgment against someone in my life review it created an energetic exchange that was disruptive and blinded me to the true nature of the situation or person. The ripples caused by those exchanges were even more disturbing than I knew. The more energy I put into a wrongly judged event the more far reaching the ripples of effect would range outward beyond my perception.

When returning to life after that experience I wanted to become as loving and nonjudgmental as my light family. But experiencers bump into a world of judgment not just being judged about the NDE but we feel judged about everything.  A leopard can’t change his spots that quickly. We have lived a life full of habits that don’t change in an instant. Some times we can fool ourselves to think we can change that fast but it takes an effort to develop new habits.  In life we have these wonderful emotions that can be attached to our judgment and when that happens most of the time we blind ourselves to the truth. Many times we rush passionately forward unknowing the truth only to create suffering.  After many mistakes we remember the NDE and slowly change. You can not be exposed to that much unconditional love without it changing the way you work and think. Some in the NDE community call it a re-wiring of the mind psyche. What ever it is, it happens to most experiencers and it changes the way we live our lives. We can’t help it. Many people see us as detached because we don’t want to jump to judgment. That is not true, we are much more attached than ever and trying to see as clearly as we can in this bodily form. We will use discernment and look at things with our hearts until we feel we know the truth. But we are as human as the next person so we are fallible. Seeking truth requires patience to get beyond the drama that life presents us on a daily basis. Our judgments create the greatest suffering including stress and disease. One only has to live in this world to see the suffering that judgment brings. So becoming a little less judgmental is not a bad thing and very desirable to everyone not just experiencers.

Another thing that happens when we return is we are striped of the false personas we had spent our whole life developing. We had developing false personas to show the world what we wanted them to see us as. We wanted to appear smarter, stronger, confident, altogether, or maybe beautiful and standing tall. What ever we made up, we used these personas for different life situations. We were hiding our true self so no one could reach us and that way we were protecting ourselves. Well, what happens is we get such an in-depth look at our true nature in the NDE, that we can accept who we are without all the false trappings. We are far from perfect and know our faults, but how can we develop non judgment if we pickup those old false personas and are not showing our true selves. It can be terribly frightening at first striped bare and exposed. But to develop non judgment you can no longer mislead someone else into a false judgment. We have to be truthful and clear to avoid false judgment. After you step out as yourself you see no one can really harm your true nature because it is a part of the Universal All.

Near-Death Experiences can give everyone of us wonderful tools for living. Living life as our true self with less judgment is just one tool in the box. I know I’m trying to use this instrument as often as possible.

Dave Bennett is the President of the Upstate NY IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) He speaks about his NDE and the aftereffect on the web and to groups. His website is www.Dharma-Talks.com

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