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Well Its Official!!!  &  We wanted to let our friends here know first.

Findhorn Press

Findhorn Press

David and Cindy have completed “Voyage of Purpose” a book about David’s transfomative experiences, how each one built upon the next creating opportunities for spiritual awakening. “Voyage of Purpose” © David and Cindy Bennett. The book will be released by Findhorn Press, Scotland, available in the US October 2011 – www.findhornpress.com – (the book is not up on their website yet, but will come in late spring/summer and then you can read more and pre-order).

Cindy has been biting at the bit to tell everyone but I made her wait until the contracts were signed. We are so excited they are a great match for us. They distribute in the US, UK and Australia.

Findhorn changed the secondary title and the cover, just like we were told would probably happen in the Next Top Author contest. We are very pleased with the way it is going. We will keep you in the loop when we learn the publication date. Here is a peak at the first draft of the cover. It can still change.

Voyage of Purpose

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